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Everything is bigger in Texas, including my images!

There have been a lot of exciting things happening with my studio this year that I’ve barely had a chance to keep up here on my blog…  Anyway, a little while ago I was contacted by a company in Texas who wanted to use one my images for a new billboard ad campaign.  The ad is finally going up this week around Houston and here’s how the billboard will look.  Isn’t he adorable?

Latest maternity photo sessions at my Pasadena studio

My mom doesn’t understand the concept of a maternity photo session.  In “her day” women didn’t embrace their bodies while they were pregnant.  In fact, just go back a few years and you’ll find that it was gauche to use words like “pregnant” or even “maternity.”  Instead, expecting women were referred to as “in the family way” and were considered extremely fragile and were often expected to stay home during the last few months of their pregnancies.

Thank God times have changed!  I love that I live in a time where women embrace the newfound curves that come with pregnancy and the transformation of their bodies.  Things have changed for pregnancy when it comes to men, too. I personally love seeing expecting fathers get so excited about participating in this exciting time for their family.  Here are some recent maternity photo sessions that I photographed in my studio in Old Town Pasadena (I use the name of the expecting mom for the titles of the sessions below, mostly because she is the focus of the session).

Images from Emily’s maternity session:

Images from Fabiana’s maternity session:

Images from Christine’s maternity session:

Images from Iliana’s session:

Images from Amanda’s maternity session:

Images from Gwynn’s maternity session:

Images from Dina’s maternity session:

Images from Natalie’s maternity session:

Images from Joy’s maternity session: