Monthly Archives: February 2011

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Erica and Jack’s Wedding, The Athenaeum at Caltech, Pasadena

Erica and Jack are both engineers, so it wasn’t surprising that they chose to get married at Southern California’s hub of science and engineering: the California Institute for Technology, or more specifically, the Caltech Athenaeum.  The Athenaeum also happens to be a spectacular location for a wedding ceremony and rockin’ reception, and rock the reception is exactly what they did since they hired a fantastic band:  the Chuck Wansley Band.

Erica and Jack also surprised all the guests during the reception with a traditional Chinese lion dance performance by the Immortals Awaken Lion Club.  The dance is performed along with the loud beat of drums to scare away evil spirits and bring good fortune to the newly married couple.  At the end of the dance, Erica and Jack fed the lion a red envelope filled with cabbage and money.  It was a pretty awesome spectacle and I love it when couples incorporate cultural traditions that are also a lot of fun for the guests!

Cece and Jonathan’s Wedding, The Huntington Botanical Gardens and Brandview Connection, Pasadena and Glendale

I was so excited to work with Cece and Jonathan – not only were they such a sweet and bubbly couple, but they had also received an exclusive photography permit for me to photograph them at Pasadena’s breathtaking Huntington Botanical Gardens. After we finished photos at the Huntington, we headed to Glendale for their ceremony and reception at the Brandview Connection.  Events by Kim did a wonderful job coordinating, while DJ Sam House kept the party going all evening, and David Hansen-Sturm worked tirelessly to capture all the events of the day on video.