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5 Tips for planning your wedding/event

I recently had a chance to connect with the ever-energetic team of Fresh Events Company, who do such an amazing job creating beautiful, inspired, and truly “fresh” events. They shared some tips with me on creating fabulous events (that won’t break the bank!).  Here are a few of their suggestions:

1.  Venue. Host your party on a weekday, Friday or Sunday to have a negotiation edge.

2.  Bar. This is often a huge expense. A great way to control costs here is to choose a few special drinks that are highlighted for the entire evening. For example, have a beer bar (which is cheaper than hard alcohol) and throw in a fun theme that matches what you’re doing (i.e. “Create your own Octoberfest”)

3.  Food.  Choose a few crowd pleasers that people can graze on. It doesn’t need to be filet mignon – it can be mac and cheese or comfort food – people will love it all the same (of course, don’t forget that the food should match the formality of the event).

4.  Event Planner. Hire an event planner that will give your wedding or party an ambiance.  While this may sound like it will cost you dearly, event planners know all the tricks/tips to create an event that looks chic, while staying within your budget.

5.  Décor. Add some life to the party by adding some great décor with plants and succulents. It’s green, long lasting and a little more masculine. Candles (and lots of them!) are also a great way to add ambiance to an event (just make sure you check with the venue about fire permit first).

Thanks for the tips, ladies!  I’m glad I can pass these great ideas along!


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